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We hold our faculty up to the highest of andragogic standards expecting them to be the best equipped to do the job anywhere in the world.  Our clients are global businesses at the top of their industry.  We expect our people to be global talents at the height of their profession.  Joining the Teetch Faculty is incredibly difficult and incredibly simple at the same time.  This is by design.  


  1. We have a curriculum of fifty books that candidates would have to be intimately familiar with.  We expect a knowledge around these topics as well as of the ideas themselves.  If you can demonstrate a great working knowledge of these texts and can create a learning environment using the best insights from pedagogy and andragogy we're looking for you.  
  2. We don't expect there to be many of 'you' out there; this is based upon the last 13 years spent looking for 'you'.  You'll need to be smart in many ways; your clothing must be reflective of our customers (professional service firms), your language must be articulate and comprehensive and your persona should be positive, engaging, enthusiastic and alive without being overbearing. 
  3. We're looking for perfection (or as close as we can get to it).  You'll need industry experience with the customer sector you're looking to supply.  You'll need managerial or leadership experience to empathise with the clientele in our classrooms.  You'll need a certain amount of artistry to your practice, understanding the nature of education as skillfully applied science.  
  4. Above all of this, we're looking for people to help us change the world for the better, not just to earn a living or do a job.  Most of our 'jobs' are completed by partners not employees.  


  1. Of course, on the positive side you'll have a flexible diary, be able to work from home when you're not with clients, spend a limited amount of time at 'the office'. 
  2. If you perform, you'll be able to earn more than you need using significantly less time to do it than in a normal faculty job.  
  3. For those suitable to the task, there's international travel as an incentive.  


The ideal candidate may fit the following profile, with the emphasis on the word 'may':

  • Probably married and considering how they can spend more time with their children, possibly older rather than younger and looking to capitalise on their industrial experience and maybe happy to have a quality of life, rather than a quantity of work.  
  • That said, the people we've already identified and are courting to work with us come in all shapes and sizes, personalities, ethnic backgrounds, ages and experiences.  We'd be delighted if any of them were to work with us and so, if you're someone looking for what we're offering there are no other conditions than your superb qualifications for the role as described above.


This is highly dependent upon the individual, their experience and potential clientele with Teetch.  We estimate the range to be between £40k and £100k+ as a basic salary with significant bonus incentives for high performers.

What now?

To help us use our time effectively and to avoid you wasting your precious time, if you feel you match the requirements above please write to us giving reasons why you're the best person for the job.  Please include in this application for interview, your choice of the best book of the fifty in our curriculum and a brief description as to why it's the best.


Contact Us Email: info@teetch.com 
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