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BL offers two to four day on site battlefield based leadership training programs (conducted on the actual terrain of the historic battles) as well as various change support services ranging from 1-2 day experiential Classroom Programs, to Executive Coaching and assessment. The leadership principles highlighted through our battlefield programs can be tailored to address specific competencies.  Everett Berger is an accomplished corporate educator and trusted contact of ours.

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Experts in Human Resources consulting across Latin America.  Specialists in BTSA licensing and business change.  Nancy Sirker has proven to be an expert in her space and a reliable resource for any corporate development.


Creative thinking and learning needs a stimulating environment that shrugs off the constraints of the typical office.  wallacespace creates an open-house feel, together with all the technical support that you need to help you meet and exceed your objectives.  Located in Covent Garden, Clerkenwell and St Pancras.  The product that Renata Wallace has created is perfectly designed with change in mind.


The Human Resource Technology Company.  Dr Katherine Benziger's work is changing the world every day.  As time passes it will become known as a turning point in human endeavor.  Clearly the most accurate tool to understand how people work, available anywhere at this time.

Located in the heart of SoHo at 177 Prince Street, The Lofts offer the amenities of a high-end Midtown event space in a neighborhood seeped in culture, fine dining and artistic expression.  Igal Levy is a professional who understands how to make customers feel at home in a great space for business and learning.


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