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national hedge fund accounting firm

The Teetch program was a differentiator for our firm.  Daryle's teaching methods are at the forefront of the true learning experience.  No more death by PowerPoint.  The programs were structured to ensure that you were an active participant, not just an observer.  Daryle customized the program to our organizational needs.  Teetch drew upon real-world insights and expertise that engaged our team members in activities that expanded their leadership abilities.  In addition, Teetch provided practical business knowledge that we applied to the daily challenges that we faced at our professional service firm.   We were so impressed with the program we hired Daryle as our Chief Learning Officer to embed his Teetch program as the backbone of our firm's Rothstein Kass' University.  During his tenure at the CLO, he aligned the University with the core values and strategic vision of the firm.  In addition, he systematically identified the behavior anchors each team member needed to develop to progress within the firm as well as to enhance our clients' service experience.  In turn he built a world-class university that developed those behavior anchors that were required throughout the organization.  From the newly hired college graduate all the way through the gray haired executive, each team member learned the "Rothstein Kass Way."  As the former Chief Operating Officer of Rothstein Kass, Daryle and the Teetch program was our secret weapon to further differentiate our firm in the market place.

C.M. Chief Operating Officer


I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I got a promotion to Director in the recent round in our <Global Bank>.  I wanted to thank you for this as I believe that the TDP (Talent Development Programme) was a vital step to me achieving this huge personal goal, and your teaching a core piece of that.

I sent <the Head of EMEA Operations and Technology> a note thanking him and in that I drew his attention to the TDP as one of the key things during 2010 that made a step change in my level of operation.  I hope that he noted that and that the current cohort get as much out of the course as I did and achieve the same success.

J.P.H. Director

Global Bank

During my 17 years career, have had the opportunity to be part of many training courses and while most training programs are evolutionary, this is the first training program that I have experienced which is revolutionary in nature. Many training programs seek to give you the right answers to questions, this one coaches you to ask the right questions and then discover the answers for your self. It has elevated me to the next level and beyond of my potential and given me the tools to sustain the momentum of self development through out my life.

What makes this program special is the expertise, knowledge and experience of the trainer, Daryle Abrahams. The way it bridges theory and practice and the manner in which it draws diverse participants to contribute to group learning. I could go on and on and write a book on why you should do this course but all I urge you to do is to keep an open mind and experience it first hand. This is a must do program for building the global human talent pool and for developing resonant leaders across the spectrum of human enterprise. 

I am extremely grateful to my company for nominating me to one of the most profound self development courses I have undergone. Would like to convey my sincere thanks to all my colleagues who contributed to our collective learning and to all the support staff for making this a truly wonderful & richly rewarding journey towards self development.

Z.M. Vice President and Product Head, Bahrain

leading HR recruitment consultancy

By working with Teetch the business has found a great formula for understanding clients, candidates and ourselves in far more depth.  Our problem solving is now more insightful and by understanding what drives one another, we have a more engaged and focused business.  We can already see the huge benefits from the work that Daryle has undertaken with us, and I am sure it will remain a core component of our development activity in the future.  I would strongly recommend working with Daryle if you are serious about driving sales, engagement of employees, and your future success.

J.B. Chief Executive, UK 

leading HR recruitment consultancy

Having worked within recruitment for over seven years, I've attended many training courses during my career. The Teetch course differs from most others because it's one that all Recruiters can take value from.  Rather than being focused towards recruitment processes and techniques, the course focused on people and their behaviours, giving me an insight into my customers and helped me to be more intuitive when dealing with individuals as a whole.

An invaluable tool for any recruiter looking to build lasting relationships.

G.W. Recruitment Consultant, UK 


The Leadership Development programme truly gave me the opportunity to enhance my talents and gave me insight both from a professional and personal perspective.  The combination of self-managed learning together with sessions and networking has really been a big constructive and positive change for my career.  I am very glad to have been selected for this experience.

The year of lessons put into practice and the opportunity to work on with Daryle Abrahams and my fellow alumni will be influencing me for the rest of my working life.

A.M. Country Technology Manager, SWEDEN 


I would like to THANK YOU for the wonderful experience that was meeting you and being part of the class that had privilege to be taught by you. I can only say that this event was one of the most important, meaningful or simply one of THE BEST things that has happened for me in this company. I will carry this experience going forward and I will visit your website regularly for further portions of knowledge.

I will also continue to share my experience with others - many people have done already the brain game, my books (especially Thriving in Mind) are constantly borrowed by others and I have given my BTSA results to our CBM as she is recently more interested in this kind of knowledge.

I would like to also add that I have enjoyed all our off the agenda meetings and the time that we spent together with the whole group outside of training facilities. I will keep all these good memories.


Global American Bank


I have worked with Daryle over a number of years and have always been extremely impressed with his flexibility and ability to deliver at all levels. As my organisation is wide-ranging and spread across many countries Daryle's ability to deal with my senior team (from more than 20 countries) in many different ways has always been exemplary. What has been particularly useful for us is to benefit from his knowledge and skills in the change management area. He is extremely sensitive to the needs of senior individuals who come from a wide variety of cultures and geographies.

I.C.  Chief Operations and Technology Officer EMEA



I was introduced to Daryle when I got selected for leadership development program 2007/2008.  My group composed of 6 Finance and 6 Cards high potential talents from 11 different countries all across Europe, Middle East and Africa.  Daryle Abrahams was our coach and was responsible for setup, content and execution of the program.
To start with Daryle collected feedback from our managers on our strengths and developmental needs using which he tailor-made our leadership program.  He helped us understand key success factors in influencing and affecting change.  Despite our different culture and geographical environments, he was very effective in making us understand our individualistic differences/preferences and steps we need to take to become strong leaders to meet our professional and personal goals.  As a coach Daryle is always available and helped me to develop faster by honest and helpful feedback.
I am truly impressed by his training contents and methods.  I have learned a lot through exhaustive listening, reading & feedback sessions.  This is definitely the best leadership course I have been through and I highly recommend it to present and future leaders!

A.S Chief Financial Officer, Norway

Global Scottish Bank


Daryle's ability to teach at a senior level has been remarkable. He is one of the very few trainers that I have come across who knows exactly how to cater and offer a vast training curriculum in accordance with the dynamics and calibre of people that have been nominated for his programmes.  Change is an aspect where many people falter as it is not something that can be easily implemented by all.  Daryle, through his various teaching techniques, has ensured that people can effectively and actively incorporate the different change aspects which are suited to them very smoothly into their lives.

Daryle has undertaken programmes in India for us, a country that consists of diverse cultures and traditions.  Daryle has always ensured that he is a very flexible trainer along with ensuring that his trainees, irrespective of the culture or background they come from, get the most out of his events by doing regular follow ups on their progress.

D.M. – Sr. Team Leader for Inventory & Equity Finance Collateral Management (India)

Global American Bank - WCS Global Market Operations


I participated in the Leadership Development Programme at locations across EMEA. As the programme was over a period of 8 months, and the team comprised of folks coming in from different geographies and cultures. What impressed me most was Daryle's interaction / communication skills with each one of us. Subsequently, we met in Chennai, during one of his corporate training session and I observed his knowledge on Indian culture, people and places. 

K.L.S. Vice President, Singapore

Global American Bank


The easiest one for me to comment on is the culture bit because the group I am part of consists of persons from different countries and cultures. What makes the group more complex is the fact that at least 33% of us work outside our country of origin. Gelling people from diverse and at times conflicting cultures not just as a competitive learning group but also a band of close friends is a testament to Daryle’s ability to coach and develop people with variety of backgrounds.

S.A. Head of Expense and Productivity Management UK (Previously Deputy CFO Pakistan)

Global American Investment Bank


Daryle clearly understands the key success factors in influencing and affecting change. Daryle was instrumental in helping me assess my current situation and skills, define the future end state and develop a realistic action plan to achieve key milestones that allowed me to change, develop and grow.  He has helped me achieve a significant change of responsibility and navigate the Singapore business world successfully.

Y.P.  Prime Services Technology EMEA, Global Markets Financing & Services

Tier 1 Global Retail and Investment Bank

During my leadership development program 2006/2007 I got to know Daryle Abrahams who was responsible for setup, content and execution of the program.  The group was composed of 12 IT-managers from 7 different countries, all on their way to take over senior roles within the IT-management at the firm. 

From the first minute onwards Daryle succeeded in bringing the group together and feeling like a group despite the fact that we all have different background. His training was focused to find the common ground on which to base the program.  The group gained from his extraordinary knowledge and expertise, his selection of subjects combined with practical tasks and exercises.  Daryle ensured the knowledge transfer by painting pictures, telling anecdotes and quoting examples to illustrate and underline his strong messages.

He’s consistent in demanding that we change our daily business day by implementing the learning from the sessions and reflecting the success on a regular basis with all stakeholders.  He gave feedback to everyone to make sure that personal achievements are well stabilized.

I was very impressed by the training, I learned so much from the sessions, the homework and the group.  I personally thank Daryle for being my teacher.

E.M.  Head of Project Office

global retail bank


All through my professional career path I have been blessed by knowledgeable senior managers, however Daryle has tremendous ability to teach others using unique techniques combining onsite training with remote learning assignments which are professionally guided by himself, providing necessary coaching all along. He is strong charismatic personality who can keep both team and individuals excited and engaged with subject all the time.

Among others, Daryle has given corporate programs to our executive leadership teams (i.e. CEOs levels) shortly resulting in tangible benefits of corporate behavioural change with natural consequences of improved business productivity, efficiency or/and extra revenues. He is able to provide great framework of strategic & tactical tools to manage "change" and maximize outcome emphasizing the best principles based on type of business rather than culture oriented. Which allows broad expansion beyond specific cultural or geographical boundaries.

Daryle brings in strong academic base combined with valuable best practices from other top leading industries and identify points of knowledge transfer easily adoptable by others, tailored to firm-specific needs. Several his mentees, I personally know, followed development in for instance MBAs becoming his true ambassadors in corporate finance management sector.

The course itself and learning process is extremely enjoyable, easy learning which address all type of personalities and emphasize diversity in the group. I would be looking forward to continue working with Daryle tackling all my future assignments with dedication and cheesy grin I have learnt :)

R.S. Senior Vice President / Director

Global Bank


I have witnessed Daryle Abrahams handling large forums of senior executives in a large Global organisation with the same ease as high potentials/future leaders of the same organisation.  Daryle creates energy through his teaching that manages to get a response from all levels and always generates an enthusiastic and keen audience.

The difference with Daryle's method is that he doesn't 'tell' someone to change but 'teaches' change and encourages his pupils to recognise what their individual needs are and provides guidance to get them to their end goal through discussion, advice and a good reading list!

Operating in a Global organisation with high potential leaders from across many countries in EMEA, Daryle has successfully delivered his training three years in a row without facing any cultural or communication barriers.

R.D. Business Office Head - EMEA



I attended the EMEA Leadership Development Programme that was taught by Daryle Abraham from the period of August 2005 through April 2006.  This was a course that was designed to develop the leadership skills of 12 individuals of the organization from different areas of Europe.  The actual mix of students included people of various backgrounds including British, American/Spanish, Belgian, Czech, Russian, Greek/Sri Lankan, Italian and Indian.  The course was split up with teaching session as well as practical hands-on exercises on the job and since the students were from various locations, each session was held in a different country.  The session were designed so that networking opportunities with very senior members of the global organization were presented to the course individuals. 

He has excellent teaching skills and is able to address individuals from very senior levels to intermediate levels and is able to hold the interest of everyone as well as spark the desire to learn and expand one's horizons.  This was the best training course that I have attended.

C.V. Resident Vice President, Information Technology

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