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What does Teetch do?

Teetch provides education for senior managers that are being prepared to take on the role of senior leader in the organisation.  

The Problem:

The functional leader (CFO, COO, CIO, Business Head, etc) is planning their succession and is concerned about having a talent pool ready to step up when the need arises due to incumbents moving out of their roles.  What is it that he/she can do NOW to prepare for the unscheduled yet likely event of a senior departure?

The Solution:

Teetch takes 12-20 of the high potential, high performers in the organisation, two levels down from the functional lead at present, through an eight-day programme, spread across a year to prepare them to take on a senior leadership role in the organisation.  
The programme has a generic working title of 'How to Manage Things and Lead People'.  However, our customers have called it many different things over the years to suit their own brand requirements (Leadership Development Programme, Talent Management Programme, Leadership Pipeline Programme, etc).  It has the latest in academic research into neuroscience as its basis and is built around the needs of the unique mix of experience represented by its students.  The more senior the group, the more content we cover and the more the student drives the learning experience to suit their needs.
We have been asked to do a lot of other things and we are happy to provide bespoke solutions to performance problems across the spectrum of professional practice.  However, the ‘Things and People’ programme has been our consistent product throughout and represents the present take on eleven years of research into how to develop tomorrow’s leaders today, and most other work we undertake is usually based on a sub-section of the programme.

What else?

One of our prospective customers asked us “What does Teetch Ltd do?”  She said that she had looked at the web site and it was not clear.  This was our mistake.  Here’s our response which was posted to the web site the same day the question was posed.

First Answer: We believe in action not words, so here are three things we’ve DONE:

  1. Helped a London Change Control Manager take two steps up the corporate ladder to become a Global Change Control Manager, move to Singapore and smile!
  2. Helped a Teenager make the first of many career decisions about what subjects to study for his first set of school-based exams (GCSEs), with confidence and to the great surprise of his own mother at his choices.
  3. Helped a Senior Manager become aware of the fact that she was 'wearing a mask' to work everyday and how this had been affecting her mental and physical well-being.  She’s now on a path to bring back the joy to her work and thrive whilst maintaining a highly responsible position.
  4. Developed a talent pool at a global retail bank of over 90 leaders ready to succeed into top positions avoiding the risk associated with external hires at senior levels.

Second Answer: We teach skills to people from all over the world, in all different industries and business functions

  1. Some of the Topics that we’ve taught include: Conflict, Leadership, Change, Strategy, Analytical Psychology, Managing your Boss, Service Excellence, Managing Through a Crisis, Quality, Project Management, Influence and Managing the Political Landscape.
  2. Nationalities we’ve taught include: Sweden, Pakistan, Egypt, Norway, Russia, Czech, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Belgium, India, UAE, USA and The United Kingdom.
  3. Several of the Industries we’re involved with: Financial Services, Publishing, Advertising, Law, Retail, Medical and Education.
  4. Various Business Functions we’ve worked include: Operations, Technology, Risk, Finance, Sales, Research, Distribution, Human Resources, Learning & Development, Product Design

In summary, we do a lot of things but we pride ourselves on doing two things incredibly well:

Listening and Responding

What would be of interest to you?

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