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What moves us?

Report by Julia Sergeeva

I've tried to ask myself, what's the most valuable learning for me from LDP. I've got a lot of useful tools, which I'm using in day-to-day work and life. However, the most valuable is "What moves us?"

Flow moves people to do their best. No matter, what kind of work they do. When we work in flow, the motivation is built in. The most powerful motivators are internal and not external. People feel better, doing work they love, rather than work they do, only because they are rewarded for it.

Most rewarding is the creative challenge and stimulation of the work itself and the chance to keep learning.

"Great work starts with great feelings".

Outstanding performers reveal three motivational competences:

  1. Driven by achievements.
  2. Commitment.
  3. Initiative and optimism.

The “Magic Pen Approach”

Experience Report by Dieter Lambertz

Due to the fact that I had to set up  a new team for a specific project I had to perform a lot of interviews and meetings with potential team members.  During the course of the interviews and meetings, I started to draw little pictures to explain to people what the tasks were, their complexity and their criticality and their relationship with one another.
For those drawings I used the Teetch 4-colour pen. I assigned to each colour a specific meaning which is related to the TEETCH Four Thinking Styles.
For example :
  • Something in RED means either criticality, intuition, fast reaction, etc
  • Something in GREEN means either  to be analyzed in detail, long term effects, strategy impact
  • Something in BLUE means : social aspect, communication, people involvement
  • Something in BLACK (instead of yellow because it’s not on the pen) means :statistics, accurate results, basic research and detailed information

My experience has been that people can easily follow my explanations a most of them ask for the picture at the end of the discussion because they find that this was a very good description of what the task is.  I made this approach a constant method for my daily business and called it “The Magic Pen” approach because it is still fascinating to me to describe complex themes just with a pen, four colours and a piece of paper and to see that people which have not been affected by the topic so far, can easily follow.

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