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Who Gets Sick: Thinking and Health

How Beliefs, Moods and Thoughts Affect Your Health
Blair Justice
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An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but a smile a day might help you live longer, says Blair Justice, Ph.D. Highly readable, informative, and comprehensive, Who Gets Sick presents a broad spectrum of findings from leading-edge medical research on the powers of the mind in enhancing health and diminishing disease.

This revolutionary research is merging diverse medical and psychological perspectives to reveal how the brain, beliefs, moods, and thoughts affect our well-being. In an engaging writing style, Dr. Justice explains:

-How people can train their brains to "write healthy prescriptions" for the body.
-How spirituality affects health.
-How viral outbreaks and illnesses like colds, herpes, mononucleosis, and even AIDS are linked to low profile morale.
-Why job satisfaction is the most powerful predictor of how long a person will live.
-How beliefs can literally change the cells of the brain and affect the neurotransmitters that help determine health.
-How people can "will" themselves to live-or die.

The explosion of knowledge and medical insight that has resulted from mind/body research is having a profound effect on our understanding of how our bodies work. Old ideas that germs and stress are the sole cause of illness have collapsed in the light of new evidence of how something as intangible as thoughts affect something as tangible as health and well-being. The convincing message of Who Gets Sick will prompt anyone interested in their health to adopt a more positive outlook for a longer and happier life.
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