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You, Inc: The Art of Selling Yourself (Warner Business Books)

The Art of Selling Yourself, The Definitive Guide to Career and Personal Success
Christine Clifford Beckwith and Harry Beckwith
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In YOU, INC. Beckwith provides practical tips, anecdotes and insights based on his 30 years of marketing and selling his advertising services. Beckwith learned early on in his career that no matter what product you're selling, the most important component of the product is you. In YOU, INC.: A Field Guide to Selling Yourself, Beckwith relates tantalizing tidbits and real stories of how to harness your enthusiasm with an ability to impress your key accounts. Written in his traditional homespun style, Beckwith offers doses of humour and pithy knowledge to anyone who wants to seal the deal and thrive in business.
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