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Building Great Customer Experiences

Colin Shaw and John Ivens
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In this book you will discover:

- why 95% of senior business leaders are saying that the Customer Experience is the next competitve battleground
- how the Customer Experiences can be used as a competitive weapon, as well as a means of reducing costs
- how to unleash the power of emotions during a Customer Experience to create customer loyalty

This newly updated paperback edition builds on the massive success of the hardback edition which confirmed Colin Shaw as the 'Guru of the Customer Experience'. In this groundbreaking revised edition, through their thought-leading work from their offices in the UK and the USA, Colin and John Ivens unveil their critically acclaimed Seven Philosophies for Building Great Customer Experiences. These are the backbone of the framework being used by forward-thinking organizations - those who are busy laying the foundations for the long-term sustainable differentiation that the Customer Experience offers. Colin and John also reveal thought-leading market research and case studies which demonstrate the power of focusing on building a great Customer Experience.
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