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Maverick!: The Success Story Behind the World's Most Unusual Workplace

Ricardo Semler
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'The way that Ricardo Semler runs his company is impossible; except that it works, and works splendidly for everyone. I relish this book. It revived my faith in human beings and my hope for business everywhere' Charles Handy

The international bestseller that tells how Semlar tore up the rule books - and defied inflation running at up to 900% per year!

- Workers make the decisions previously made by their bosses

- Managerial staff set their own salaries and bonuses

- Everyone has access to the company books

- No formality - a minimum of meetings, memos and approvals

- Internal walls torn down

- Shopfloor workers set their own productivity targets and schedules

Result - Semco is one of Latin America's fastest-growing companies, acknowledged to be the best in Brazil to work for, and with a waiting list of thousands of applications hoping to join it.

Learn Ricardo Semler's secrets and let some of the Semco magic rub off on you and your company.
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