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Building Agreement

Using Emotions as You Negotiate
Daniel Shapiro and Roger Fisher
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Whether you're negotiating with an angry boss or a difficult colleague - or, indeed, a stubborn teenager - you can learn to use your emotions to help you achieve the result you want.

Building Agreement shows you how to control the five 'core concerns' that motivate people:

* Express appreciation for what others think, feel or do
* Build affiliation and turn an adversary into a colleague
* Respect autonomy in others and gain autonomy in return
* Acknowledge status and simultaneously establish your own worth
* Choose a fulfilling role during the process of negotiating

Using the latest research of the Harvard Negotiation Project, the group that brought you the ground-breaking book Getting to Yes, this is a superbly practical guide to mastering essential negotiating skills.

Originally published in hardback under the title Beyond Reason.
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