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Branding Yourself: How to look, sound and behave your way to success

How to Look, Sound and Behave Your Way to Success
Mary Spillane
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First impressions last

Making an immediate impact is vital. You can learn how to do it in any situation without ever compromsing the real you. Be yourself - and be successful.

Think of Branding Yourself as a user guide to your image. It gives you the tools that enable you to focus your identity clearly and powerfully. Achieve success with your self-image and get what you want, whether it's seeking promotion, making a fresh start or looking for your first job.

Branding Yourself is full of practical, useable advice:

- Priority assessment worksheets
- Invaluable checklists
- Real-world case studies
- Guidelines for interviews, meetings and presentations

Crucial areas like clothing and accessories, body language and manners are covered to let you present a strong, clear identity and make the impression you want to make.

It doesn't matter if you're self-employed, work within a corporate structure or are an entrepreneur, the principles are the same: be someone people can do business with successfully. That means looking and acting the part in one effective package.

[b]Branding Yourself[/b] is relevan tto men and women; it encompasses formal and casual situations, crosses international cultual boundaries and deals with questions of sexual politics.
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