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People Patterns: A Modern Guide to the Four Temperaments

A Modern Guide to the Four Temperaments
Stephen Montgomery
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"Try to see it my way." Taking a line from the Beatles, Stephen Montgomery presents a modern guide to the four temperaments, the four ancient "people patterns" that hold the key to personality types. Montgomery draws extensively on the work of David Kiersey, author of the best-selling book on temperament Please Understand Me, but he also cites scores of characters from popular books, movies, and TV - from Harry Potter to Star Trek - to help bring the four temperatments alive. In an easy style, and in words that everyone can understand, Montgomery shines a bright new light on Keirsey's four temperaments.

Atrisans - the action temperament, daring, impulsive, spontaneuos, playful, generous...think of Hawkeye Pierce.

Guardians - the cornerstone temperament, helpful, responsible, traditional,
law-abiding, steady...think of Clark Kent.

Idealists - the personal growth temperament, enthusiastic, romantic, soulful,
ethical, intuitive...think of Luke Skywalker.

Rationals - the technology temperament, theoretical, ingenious, logical, analytical, curious...think of Mr. Spock.

Take a new, short-form, self-scoring personality sorter, and then read about your temperament style in four vital areas of life:

* Self-discovery - the four characters from The Wizard of Oz introduce short, lively portraits of the four temperaments, each illustrated by a dozen popular films.

* Relationships - the four friends from Sex and the City set the tone for a frank discussion of dating and mating patterns among the four temperaments.

* Parenting - the four-part layout of Disneyland shows us where our kids are coming from, and how different parenting styles can affect the four different kinds of children.

* Career - the four kinds of characters in Star Trek define the different talents of the four temperaments, helping readers choose from among 16 career paths and over 280 jobs.
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