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The Study Skills Handbook (Palgrave Study Guides)

Stella Cottrell
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'The Study Skills Handbook' is a no-nonsense, practical guide to help you maximise your potential during your time at university. From preparing you for what to expect from Higher Education, encouraging you to think about the skills you already have, providing you with resources to help evaluate and manage your learning and develop good study habits, to helping you understand how learning, intelligence and memory work, this book is packed with sensible suggestions, self-check tables and lots of illustrations. 'The Study Skills Handbook' is an invaluable companion for any student.
The second edition includes two new chapters, one on 'Projects, Dissertations, Reports and Case Studies', and one on 'Planning Your Next Move'. Other chapters have additional material including independent learning, e-learning, designing your own assignment titles, and writing in analytical styles.
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