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The Magic of Thinking Big

by David  J. Schwartz
Surely one of the best books ever written!  How do I get ahead in my career, manage relationships, achieve, handle my boss, add value to my customers?  Great questions.

Dr David Schwartz has taken a scientific look at how thinking affects our performance and found that actually ‘we’ are our own biggest fan and critic at the same time.  It’s down to us what we allow to happen to us, based upon how we see ourselves and the opportunities we encourage to come our way. 

This is not an academic book.  It has great medical foundations but does not use fancy language.  Instead, chapter by precious chapter, we are taken through a simple and fascinating tour of our own minds and how they help us to move on or slow down in our lives.  
This is the first book I recommend to people that don’t have a plan.  It’s the first book I recommend to people that don’t like to read.  It’s the first I read to first jobbers.  It’s the first I recommend to those about to start a new set of education having been away from learning for a long time.
It’s the book I’ve read the most in my life and it is still number one on my list after 18 years of research into how to help people perform.  Number 1 on the list!
Daryle Abrahams, October 2008
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