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Great Teachers - Paul Brunton

Paul sadly passed away on 28th March 2009 following a short but very brave battle against bowel and pancreatic cancer.
A sad day.  A great teacher has passed away from us and on to better things we hope.

I first met Paul in 1998.  He’d already been teaching for many years and had affected thousands of people and their careers positively.  His manner and teaching expertise was exceptional; he encouraged but did not solve, he enabled and gave his students confidence.

No doubt, many millions of pounds were saved by his work teaching project management to professionals.

His students kept in touch with him for many years after their short classes, such was his impact on them.

I believe there are many out there who were unaware, as I was, that he was ill.  He battled briefly and bravely against his illness and left us a few weeks ago.

I was honoured by him in that he chose to second his clients / students to me.  To be considered by such an accomplished teacher fit enough to walk by his side was a great privilege.  Whenever anyone spoke of his topic expertise I immediately quoted his work and referred them to him where I could.

His family legacy is his wonderful partner and wife, CC and his three amazing children, Katie, Jim and Nick.  

His professional legacy will be felt  in the corridors of professional practice for many generations to come.

It has always made me smile when I come across someone he’d taught who’d very quickly quote his lessons to me and then ask, “D
o you know Paul Brunton?”  I did, and I’m a better person for it.

A great teacher, a personal mentor and a friend, you will be missed by many.
Daryle Abrahams, 8th April 2009
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