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21st April 2008

A London teacher explains how new technology is helping people get promoted.

Daryle Abrahams grew up halfway between Leicester Square and the Roman Road.  As a child a taxi would collect him after school in Hackney and take him to Leicester Square where his dad ran a ‘Shelter’ for Green Badges (which to you and I translates as a restaurant for London Taxi Drivers).  or it would take him to the Globe Road where his mum ran a hairdressers.  So, an East-End/West-End boy at heart, with a background in trading on the stock exchange, university in Swiss Cottage and school in Camden and now a corporate teacher helping people to get promoted at work, has discovered some cool technology deep in the heartlands of America and brought it back to London. 
"Actually, getting promoted is not as difficult as you would think once you take the time to really understand what your boss is looking for from you, what your customers really need and what you can do to meet these requirements based upon your preferred way of thinking.  The key though is that last statement, not all the generic stuff you get in ‘how to get promoted’ books". 
"The technology behind this is not exactly new stuff" Daryle tells me, "Records show that the Greek physician and grandfather of medicine Hippocrates was describing four different personality types around 370 BC!".  What is new is that medical technology (MRI and PET scans) has now enabled neuroscientists and psychologists, such as Dr Katherine Benziger, to illuminate WHY we each see the world differently. 
Not only have the ancient philosophers of Greece (and many people since) got the concept right, but now we understand that each area of our brains handles different ways of thinking.  We also know that we are born with a natural connectivity in one of these four areas that may or may not develop into a competency or skill based upon our environment.  Basically our 'gift' is there throughout our lives, whether it is discovered and nurtured is another thing altogether. 
"We help people in business, schools, youth organisations and in families discover their natural preference or gift so that they can make better decisions about their working lives, then we teach them how to observe others and begin to understand what drives them so that they can improve their interpersonal relationships. 
For instance, If your boss is a stickler for time keeping and tends to micro manage, you may want to handle them completely differently than your customer that wants everything done now, no matter what the implications are for quality.  This is because there are two completely different thinking styles at work in these two people irrespective of any common skills they may have.
Perhaps you have a child gifted in Maths that is not particularly tactile or a cuddler and another that is cuddly, or even clingy but does not get maths easily.  You may also find it difficult to explain how two children from the same parents can be so different. 
Maybe your spouse is interested planning the weekend's events with a fine toothcomb and you'd prefer the spontaneity of thinking about it on Saturday morning!
We each are different.  When we understand why and how we are effectively equipping ourselves with the tools to make better decisions about working styles, careers, people interaction and, perhaps most of all, to appreciate the other person's point of view. 
Getting promoted once you really know your boss and your customer becomes a planned event rather than just an exercise in wishful thinking as it’s only a matter of time before you demonstrate consistently that you can give each of them what they want, and in the way they want it."
This summer, Daryle's company Teetch is bringing the architect behind this technology, Dr Katherine Benziger, to London to teach others so that they can have the same success in helping people to improve their working and personal lives for the better. 
The Metro boy is busy himself most days teaching in a variety of situations.  He leaves our interview with a flashy grin and a recommendation that "it's all out there for those wishing to find it", and reverts back to thousands of years of ago when someone said 'seek and ye shall find'. 
London, the capital of the world, has something for everyone it seems, and this summer there's a lot to find inside your heads that's only a book, website, training course or phone call away. 
Our editorial team took Daryle up on his offer for a little 'learning about yourself and others' BiteSize session.  I can tell you that we have not stopped talking about it since.  The whole office brims with 'colour' talk, “She's definitely a red”, “Oh he's a blue” as one of the tools Daryle uses to teach his models has colour coded the model.  Perhaps the answer to all of our inherent squabbles and differences of opinion between people was in our heads all along.  Maybe if our teachers, parents, managers, recruiters, career counsellors all knew this model, even at an introductory level, we’d see a huge impact in our lives for the better.  A lofty vision!
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