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What is the eBTSA?

The  BTSA (Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment) is a tool for developing a clear understanding about the ways our minds work and they way we may be using them inefficiently. The eBTSA is the electronic version of the BTSA.  It is taken on-line though your web browser.  An individual's results are analysed and interpreted by Licensees and a 22-24 page fully personalized Feedback Document is subsequently produced and sent or given to the individual.  Currently, Daryle Abrahams is the only individual licensed in the UK to do this analysis.

The BTSA is a tool to help you monitor how effectively you are living true to ‘type’ at any point in time. The first time you take the BTSA, you will be using it to:

  • help you identify your natural preference 
  • help you understand how much you may have been falsifying type in order to belong, survive or succeed

Once you have an understanding of your preference, you will be able to use the guidelines provided in ‘Thriving in Mind’ to help you lessen the extent to which you falsify type - by using your preference consciously and frequently each day and by consciously managing how you handle all tasks that require skills not managed by your preference.

The cost of the eBTSA is £100+VAT and the book ‘Thriving in Mind’ which accompanies the feedback is £30(+P&P).  You will receive a 22-24 page report on your brain together with a feedback session.

If you would like to take the assessment, or have any questions, please contact us

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