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How to Manage Things and Lead People

This is our landmark product. It's a year-long, eight-day programme built uniquely around its twelve to twenty participants.  The emphasis is on business results, through behavioural change, through group learning.  The programme is woven into the fabric of the existing performance management system and is in collaboration with each student's line manager.
Students are required to complete a business case for attendance demonstrating willingness and readiness to learn.  Twelve to twenty are then chosen from the wider group of twenty candidates to attend; we can support the development of clear feedback to be given to the remainder as to why their case was not accepted if their application was unsuccessful.
Topics taught on the programme have varied across the years from simple performance management, through to influencing skills, from project management to strategic thinking and remote vendor management to analytical psychology.  Students create a 'year-book' that charts their progress and reports the change in their results from the programme.  The programme is usually re-branded from its generic working title internally by the company in which it's run to become a transition point in their succession planning and future leadership pipeline development.
Students are encouraged to hold alumni meetings and cross fertilise relationships across the years and the various sponsoring departments or business lines.  It is priced competitively with vanilla products in the marketplace even though it is bespoke not only to the participants but to the sponsoring senior manager's organisation and the broader business within which it runs.
There are only a limited amount of programmes that can run in any year with a six month lead-in to new groups over the annual quota to allow for capacity management at our end; it takes us six months to train a new Teetcher to run the programme if all our faculty are booked.
The benefits are not only short-term but can be seen over the longer period in increased retention / reduced attrition through and after the programme, plus more fluid and tolerant working relationships around the boardroom table at a later time, as Alumni come together again to run the future company.
There is a heavy social element to the year, along with changes in location that enable the group to tour national and international company facilities and broaden their working relationships/network in other business lines.  We encourage a high level of accountability for change on behalf of the learner - this produces real engagement and ownership for return on investment to be demonstrated quickly.  The programme has been in development since 1997 at three major investment banks, and has now spread across financial services since.  We've also done work with IT functions, Operations functions and Sales functions in a number of other industries.
A major case-study of success is one of the largest banks in the world where they've had several groups graduate from the programme over nine years, across varying business units, including Technology, Operations, Credit Cards, Consumer Banking, Wealth Management, Credit Risk and Finance.  Another client has taken a broad brush approach choosing to place all of their qualifying middle managers through the programme to create a benchmark for future leaders to aspire to.
Basically and clearly speaking, it's effective, it's great value and above all, very enjoyable for the participants.  Learning should be fun, functional and demonstrate return: the programme does exactly that.

Additionally, the CFO will like us.  Statistically speaking, 1.4 people out of 20 leave the company voluntarily once they've started the program during that year.  This means that for less than the lowest cost education day in your city, for eight days of class, over 18 out of 20 of your top talent will be there for another year; one more way to lock in talent.  When they start, they rarely don't finish.
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