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People Skills Qualification

Our key qualification is the Level One 'Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment' Licensee programme. Taught over five days with extensive assignments before and after the programme and one to one coaching from our 'Teetchers' the student is led through the fundamentals of Type theory and the latest in medical discovery through PET and fMRI scanning techniques enabling an in-depth understanding of how the human brain functions.
This level of insight enables the student not only to work extremely more effectively in all of their professional (and personal) relationships but also enables them to create BTSA reports for individuals seeking an in-depth understanding of their own thinking style and unique view of the world.
The success we've seen on a personal basis with our students using this tool has been exceptional. We truly believe that everyone entering the workplace should have access to this insight, that school teachers should be taught this, that it should appear in school curricula and that anyone undertaking a 'lead' position of responsibility over others should at the very least have this understanding before doing so.
In fact, we believe so strongly in this that we are not just commercially driving the product into the business world, but also campaigning and volunteering our time for it to be present on a broad scale in the academic world.
For more information about qualifying as a Level 1 Licensee, please contact us.
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