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Teetch is an international Education Services provider, based in the USA

We are a quality Education Services provider for international organizations looking to develop their talent pool.  Teetch is currently providing services in Africa, America, Asia and Europe to alumni from over 60 countries.  Clients have commented that they've never experienced an approach to match ours in terms of style or effect; our customers are our best advertisements.  

Our work carries a 100% unconditional guarantee.  We can offer this as we have proven our product over many years and under the condition that you, the client, follow our formula.  

Our prices are competitive for each market we serve.  We're in the relationship business, not the transaction business.  Whatever your budget, we'll work with you to find a valuable solution.



A highly interactive one day workshop which can accommodate as many people as you can fit in a room!  This workshop will give participants an insight into modern analytical psychology (the science of ‘Type’) which will enable them to consider their own perspective more carefully as subjective to their point of view and to see difference in others as ‘different’, not right or wrong.  It also teaches simple techniques for understanding what is likely to be the other person’s ‘type’ so that they can adjust the way they manage that relationship to greater effect.  On the day, participants will also learn practical tips to take away and apply in their navigation of a large organisation and their future leadership challenges.
If you are interested in hosting or participating in a future workshop, please contact us.


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